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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Internet |

The over 55 choose better passwords young

The over 55 choose better passwords young

Today, is an issue that starts from the users themselves, but who are better prepared in terms of IT personnel? Apparently, not the young generation born in the internet who spend all day on the computer, but those who learned the art when they were already well advanced in years. According to a study from the University of Cambridge, people over 55 have a healthy tendency to choose much more secure that young people under 25 years.

The scientist Joseph Bonneau went to work with the daunting task of analyzing over 70 million Yahoo users passwords, and the conclusion is that the greatest use passwords that are twice as safe as those who still live their room century. According Bunneau, the general trend suggests that the older you are, the better the selection of passwords and the strength of them.

Also found that people who change their passwords every so often and voluntarily, generally have more secure passwords. Incredibly, users have to change their passwords obligation, after suffering some sort of mishap with their accounts, do not choose safer letter combinations or complicated to crack, but continue in their self-destructive tendency hyper password simple or obvious.

The study goes further still, and also indicates that the language and nationality are important factor in password security. Internet users who speak German and Korean users are among the most secure passwords, while those living in Indonesia (strictly speaking, those who speak the language) are among those who choose the weakest passwords.

What are your online passwords? You can leave them in the comments section and then compare who has the password more secure, or even advise a change to continue using macoy123 asdf4321 as its virtual lock.

Link: Older Internet Users Pick Better Than Teens Passwords (Mashable)

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