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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Gadgets |

The path taken by Microsoft to get to the Surface

The path taken by Microsoft to get to the Surface

In recent months, hiding in a bunker , thought, designed and manufactured the Surface , a tablet PC-type hybrid manufacturing that seeks to give itself to fresh air area, all from the hand of Windows 8. This release was not indifferent to the eyes of consolidated hardware manufacturers (Acer, ASUS, etc..), Who was bothered a little by the arrival of Microsoft into the category of tangible goods, instead of being left alone in the software.

But what motivated the company to create the Surface? It started with a distrust of manufacturers that Microsoft began to take shape long ago, when Apple announced the first iPhone in 2010. Back then, people bite the apple said large quantities of high quality aluminum to make your product, something they did right from the ore suppliers. This surprised Microsoft, who began to wonder why their partners did not apply similar strategies.

That is opened with Tablet Slate 500 with Windows 7, expected to be a strong bet in a world where the iPhone has just been premiered weeks apart, so that the disaster has not yet seen it coming. What would happen later is that the HP slate 500 would not be a success, and Microsoft also wondering why their partners were more daring independently, are now questioning the efficiency of working closely with them to create products that integrate the best software and hardware.

Then they came to one conclusion: if you can not rely on partners to innovate and you can not make something out of their hand, then it is done in house. Why not do something good independent manufacturers? They defend themselves by saying that both Microsoft and Intel are taking all the profits for their products, see the operating system and the internal hardware, so that the work to assemble, which is what really makes brands such as Asus, leaves very few profits to invest in new products.

What is the formula for the marks to show a better offer? They lower the prices of licenses and chips, because without money there is no way to create things like the Surface, a device that required a large investment and research that a large company like Microsoft has available.

Link: With Tablet Takes Aim at Microsoft Hardware missteps (The New York Times)

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