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The PIN number used and safest least used to be 8068

The PIN number used and safest least used to be 8068

(CC) Kai Hendry

Researchers consultant Genetics Data analysis performed at about 3.4 million four-digit PINs that people use as a method of identifying, discovering that the figure is less used “8068″, which appeared only 25 times (the 0.000744 % of the sample).

That if the study’s authors warn that-after people give out this information-not should change our number “8068″ because ” hackers can also read “.

Obviously, the most widely used PIN remains “1234″ with 10.7%, and for the most part, in the first twenty repeated figures, are combinations such as “1111″, “2222″, “3333″, and so on (in addition to the figures “1313″, “6969″ and “2001″).

The PIN number used and safest least used to be 8068 image 2

(C) Data Genetics

While not enough to leave on the table, at No. 22 is a relatively well-known: “2580″, which corresponds to the central column of the phone keypad or ATMs. Ranked 23 is the number of James Bond, “0007″, and at #28 the other combination “0070″. Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, is in the 26th position of the most used PINs.

Among the details that drew attention to the study authors, is the intensive use of numbers beginning with “19xx” and obviously related to the year of birth of users, where all combinations are among the 20% of most used PINs.

However, the scariest thing in this report is that one can attempt to the of a bank account with a 10% chance of success to prove “1234″, and that a third of all combinations of PINs used by the people are only 61 different numbers between 0000 and 9999.

PIN analysis (Data Genetics)
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