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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Social Networks |

The Pope believes that social networks are the new channel to evangelize

The Pope believes that social networks are the new channel to evangelize

Attention nuns and priests of the World: Open an account on and promptly! Although not in those exact words, Pope has called on his followers to use the power of social media to get their message of faith.

And is that the face of the XLVII World Day of Social Communications that will be held on May 12, 2013 with the encouragement of the Catholic Church, Benedict XVI has chosen the theme “Social Networking: portals of truth and faith, new spaces for evangelization “, making it clear that only ratified his blessing to communication 2.0 as it did a while ago and here we have what you are invoking the active use of social media to convey their messages.

Thus, through a statement issued by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, reads as follows:

“At a time when technology tends to become the connective tissue of many human experiences such as relationships and knowledge, one must ask whether the technology can help men to find Christ in faith.”

They insist that it is not just using the Internet and social media to evangelize, but to “evangelize considering that modern life is also expressed in the digital environment” … Come on, who will dare to be more active in Red and thus throw a life in conditions 2.0.

Already warned Vatican plans, so do not be surprised to see that “Manolita Sister” or “Father Pedrito” is following you on Twitter, or by sending friend requests on Facebook. To me, by the way, I have not yet passed a representative of the Catholic Church follow me, however if a couple of astrologers send me your predictions in 140 characters … And in your case?

Link: Pope chooses new social networking spaces to evangelize (EuropaPress)

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