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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Gadgets |

The reasons for Google to make the U.S. Nexus Q

The reasons for Google to make the U.S. Nexus Q

For executives of Google, the reasons to the Nexus Q in the United States instead of Asia are to avoid the recognized problems in the working conditions of Chinese factories, but to have the ability to quickly innovate in product design to have their engineers physically close to where the device is built, instead of continually sending trip to to oversee production of the Nexus Q.

This decision is a sign of a possible new trend among companies that want to stop relying on Chinese factories to manufacture their products again in the West. This is due mainly to increased wages for labor in the Asian country: The average salary of a factory worker was USD $0.52 when the year 2000, and it is estimated that by 2015 it increased to U.S. $4 , 51 hours.

Another factor weighing on tech companies like to re-build their devices in the U.S., plus the speed and cost of labor, is looking to better protect the intellectual property of their designs, as well reduce damage to equipment due to transport over long distances and times and costs associated with shipping.

Despite these problems, not yet approaching a radical change to the place where future gadgets be manufactured, mostly due to the complex network of Chinese suppliers of components, integral to the process, and that will keep big business Apple still depending as the Asian giant to build their products.

Link: Google Sees Advantage in making new gadget in USA

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