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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Companies |

The restructuring will suffer HP by 2014

The restructuring will suffer HP by 2014

One and again , has shown signs of being on the verge of a financial crisis, so the need for restructuring is big with the company’s CEO, Meg Whitman, thinking about a future plan begins to pay dividends to from 2014.

To achieve this, we have known that HP will give a strong business focus to the area, both in the hardware and Services market that gives excellent results to other such as IBM, Dell taking a similar initiative also bending towards this segment.

This will mean a reduction in the number of PCs for general consumers to be made, reducing the catalog of models by 25% within the next two years. The same applies to the printers, which will lower their range by 30%. On the other hand, is intended to fill this gap by Brand majority of the tablets, which could be aligned with the new HP business vision, for example, with models such as the recently launched 900 ElitePad .

Link: HP’s turnaround plan: slimmer line & lots of tablets (Neowin)

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