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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

The Secret World tested FXAA smoothing methods and TXAA

The Secret World tested FXAA smoothing methods and TXAA

With the launch of its architecture-based GPUs Kepler back in late March this year, unveiled the new method of TXAA, exclusive of its GPUs Kepler.

The method of smoothing promises to deliver quality graphics similar to the smoothing methods MSAA (Multi Sampling Anti-Aliasing) 4X and 8X, but using fewer computing resources chart, so in theory provide similar quality 2X TXAA 4X MSAA graphic but consume almost the same resources as MSAA 2X, 4X while TXAA achieve a visual quality very similar to 8X MSAA, but consuming nearly the same resources as 4X MSAA, which sounds good in theory.

The game The Secret World of Funcon and released on July 3 this year, is the first game that uses the new method of smoothing TXAA by a recently released patch, which in combination with 304.79 Beta drivers, allow users enjoy the new method of smoothing.

Those AlienBabel Tech decided to test the performance and graphical quality against known TXAA FXAA , another method of smoothing that pursues the same objectives as TXAA.

The Secret World tested FXAA smoothing methods and TXAA image 2

TXAA meets the objective of providing a graphic quality approaching that of MSAA, but its use of resources is considerably higher than FXAA, although according to AlienBabel Tech, is similar to MSAA resource consumption (not tested in this comparison) .

Those of PC Games Hardware bring us another review of The Secret World using TXAA where there are many screenshots showing the graphic quality of TXAA. We recommend reviewing both full reviews.

Link: Compared TXAA FXAA and in The Secret World (AlienBabel Tech)

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