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Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

The shortage of GPUs to 28nm is not as severe

The shortage of GPUs to 28nm is not as severe

Since early this year we have seen on the market and a great scarcity premium on recent GPUs from and made the manufacturing process at 28nm, resulting to be problems with availability, especially in the most popular GPUs of these companies.

From Softpedia report that thanks to improvements in the manufacturing process to 28nm TSMC, the per (percentage of partially or fully functional chips) now is 80%, meaning that for every wafer produced by TSMC 28nm, There is a 20% fully unusable chips.

Although this does not sound good, it is actually very good news for Nvidia and AMD, as was rumored earlier this year, the yield per wafer was even less than 50%, a factor that greatly more expensive than the 28nm chips manufactured.

We assume that the newly released GPUs benefited from these improvements in TSMC process, allowing gradually are reduced prices for video cards based on GPUs to 28nm.

We hope that TSMC continues to improve its manufacturing process, and that this allows future 28nm GPUs to have more competitive prices than the current generation.

Link: The GPU NVIDIA and AMD Undersupply Plaguing Is Now Less Severe (Softpedia)

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