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Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Hardware News |

The SoC Pentium and Celeron “Valleyview-D” come between October and December this year

In late May of this year, Intel confirmed that it planned to move its low-end CPUs Pentium and Celeron to the SoC model , so that new models of these chips will be based on micro-architecture Silvermont, the same used in the “Valleyview-T” for tablets.

In Atom SoCs line “Valleyview-T” for tablets, will join the SoC Pentium and Celeron “Valleyview-D” for desktops, notebooks Valleyview-M and Valleyview-I for the industrial segment (embedded) , which make their appearance later this year (October to December).

As described in part filtered introduced between October this year and June next, will launch new SoC Intel and J Series “Valleyview-D”, which will replace Celeron microprocessors “Sandy Bridge-DT” and “Ivy Bridge-DT” and Atom “Cedarview”:

We know that Intel also plans to launch new Pentium and Celeron “Haswell-DT” , so we assume that for some time coexist based Pentium and Celeron Haswell-DT (socket LGA 1150) and (BGA soldered to the board mother).

Link: Here Is How Intel Will Move from LGA to BGA CPUs (Softpedia)


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