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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Science |

The solution to create clean energy … What is the moon?

The solution to create clean energy ... What is the moon?

Between 1969 and 1972, the astronauts of the Apollo missions brought to earth just under 400kg of lunar rocks and regolith. Engineers In 9185 the University of Wisconsin found high amounts of helium-3 in the lunar soil.

Helium-3 is a stable isotope of helium, the same gas used to inflate balloons at parties, and one of its main features is that it lacks a neutron. Thanks to the absence of this neutron this Helium-3 can be used to create fission reactions that produce clean energy, unfortunately, the helium-3 source richer which can be accessed is 383.400 kilometers.

Today nuclear plants fission reactors that split the uranium nucleus to release energy. The emanated heat converts water into steam which drives a turbine giant turn produces electricity. The downside of this technology is the radioactive waste generated by uranium and plutonium.

Today scientists are looking for ways to create energy through nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion is the same reaction that occurs on the surface of the sun, high temperatures and very dense gas concentrations allow positive nuclei attract each other creating a fusion resulting new elements and creating energy. leaves no radioactive waste after the merger, it would be the best alternative clean energy.

Theoretically you could use the full potential of helium-3 in a few years, but the problem is not that, the problem is that on earth there is Helium-3, wonder why? This isotope is swept through space by solar winds but not reaching the earth due to our magnetic field.

They could try to synthesize from tritium or deuterium but not enough. The United States has a reserve of only 30kg, so that the whole country has power for a year would need at least 22.679 kg Since the has a magnetic field like ours, its surface has captured over the years all this Helium-3 but, here comes a big controversy: If you could plant a mining colony on the moon worth disfigure the sake of progress? Who would have the rights to extract the isotope?

Link: pillaging THE MOON FOR THE PROMISE OF ENERGY SPACE (Discovery News)

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