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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Science |

The staggering scale of the universe

The staggering scale of the universe

Does not it sometimes comes a spirit of curiosity to know more about the universe? Happens to me, especially when I get to see Discovery Science or any of those channels. But the trouble with science (as with almost all disciplines in the world) is that if you do not explain it well, it gets boring and tedious.

Precisely with this in mind, the brothers Huang created a site that explains the size of the things around us, of which we are aware and no. The website is called The (Scale of the Universe 2) and aims to give an idea of the size of the thing within it, in an interactive and fun. In addition to a simple but elegant design has the advantage of being available in several languages, which makes it ideal for students of primary and secondary level.

From a drawing of a man, you go getting in the nanoscale universe of things around us and out beyond our solar system. What is interesting about this project is that you will not only show the size of things, you will also yielding interesting data from each of the things shown, even at certain points you throw trivia about the distance between a galaxy and the other, the distance that humans reach all placed one above the other and so on.

Spend a few minutes to this beautiful place, safe find it fascinating, or at least learn something new Did you know that the beach ball was invented in 1938?

Link: The Scale of the Universe 2

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