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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

The Surface table now called PixelSense

The Surface table now called PixelSense

More than one he must have drawn attention to the name “Surface” Microsoft’s new tablet , considering that until recently the name was designated a with a large panel, where several people could interact with your fingers. In fact, had partnered with Samsung to launch the SUR40 , version “2.0″ of the device.

What happened to that team? It did not disappear, but stopped using the name Surface. Beneath the Surface official website a message that says: “Are you looking for the with Microsoft Pixelsense? Visit . “

The device appears to have adopted and the name of PixelSense, used so far by Microsoft to refer to technology that can detect multiple fingers on the panel. This device, which points to the collaboration has never been very successful, partly because its price of around USD $ 8,400.

Link: Below the Surface: Microsoft shifted to grab Samsung LCD product name for new tablet (TechCrunch)

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