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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Gadgets |

The tape cassettes back in Japan by Sony

The tape cassettes back in Japan by Sony

Today it is not unusual cassette players, whether in home audio equipment or even the Walkman that still retain some (or substitute other brands) in good condition. However, the most difficult to use such equipment would be found on cassette tapes, which has almost sold on the market except for some places that retain stock probably quite old.

But has a solution for fans of ancient technology, as in Japan just released for sale a new series of tapes made especially for older people. This is because, beyond a technical upgrade or something, the most notable change is that now the labels and letters of these are larger and clearer, and so nobody has problems when reading.

This new series of HF will come in versions 10, 60 and 90 minutes on 20 July, and prices ranging from USD $1.25 for cassette basics, up to USD $12.50 for a pack of ten cassettes . Just do not come out of Japan for now, but who knows if it is only the beginning of a revival of the cassette tapes. Most likely not.

Link: Sony’s New Cassette Tapes, Redesigned for the Old Generation (Inventor Spot)

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