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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Internet |

The UN recognizes the right to freedom of expression on the Internet

The UN recognizes the right to freedom of expression on the Internet

I close the week with good vibes because it’s been very helpful things for the future of the Internet: A couple of days in the European Parliament rejected by a large majority the ACTA treaty that behind the facade of the fight against piracy, threatening fundamental rights citizens, and hours later from the United Nations Organization (UN) recognized for the first time in history, freedom of on the as a civil right.

These are times of change, and pleased to see that laws and institutions like the UN to understand this: The has been ratified by 47 countries of the Human Rights Council, which have agreed that this right should be protected by all countries.

Sure, it was not a bed of roses without thorns: Cuba and China opposed the deal, but eventually joined the resolution emphasizes “the overall character and openness of the Internet as an engine to accelerate progress toward development.”

China objected because in their opinion, there should be regulation, because they claim, for example, that young people need protection from harmful Web sites, such as focusing on gambling, pornography, violence, fraud and piracy … has a point, but as we experience the Internet censorship in China, I hope you understand why it does not stop to convince its position in this matter.

Cuba, meanwhile, expressed their opposition to the resolution because it says that the text is not considered that most of the world’s people lack access to information technology, as highlighted by Juan Antonio Quintanilla, who as we had to expected lost no opportunity to refer to the United States, as outlined in Reuters, which show that the Cuban representative said contrary to the text because this:

“It says nothing about Internet governance, we all know that this tool is controlled by a single country worldwide, and this is something that hinders the free access to this important tool.”

About what Cuba says it is explanatory because it’s real technology gap, especially between developed and developing countries … And I think while it is ensured the right to freedom of expression on the Internet (which I consider vital these days), should also focus on ensuring the right to Internet access for all citizens …

Of course, the latter is utopian, if you think about it because we live in a world where basic rights such as access to drinking water, for example, do not totally guaranteed beyond paper. I hope things change soon. Amen.

UN Forum supports the right to freedom of expression online (Reuters)
- The United Nations first recognized the right to freedom of expression online (EP)

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