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Posted by on Jun 2, 2013 in Hardware News |

The USB 3.0 Haswell bug has not been solved

The USB 3.0 Haswell bug has not been solved

Today launched its new microprocessors Core fourth generation “Haswell” , microprocessors that showed a good performance and a rich set of features.

But one detail that gave much to talk about before the release of Haswell, was the present in the Intel 8 Series “Lynx Point” revision C1 , a problem that caused that was postponed (originally scheduled for April), and must be resolved supposed some firmware updates and drivers.

Unfortunately as they have proven in Hardware.Info, USB 3.0 bug the Intel 8 Series “Lynx Point” C1 revision has not been solved, with 63.6% failing USB sticks 3.0 tested (14 failures among 22 USB drives 3.0 tested), which were not recognized after you resume the computer from sleep mode S3.

The USB 3.0 Haswell bug has not been solved image 2

This problem may cause the computer to have problems with open files from USB 3.0, which can not be recognized after the computer “wakes up” from sleep, a problem that is not too serious though undoubtedly be annoying for some users.

By early August should start circulating motherboards based on Intel chipsets 8 Series C2 check, which must have this problem corrected .

From time to avoid this problem could be used to disable desktop suspension (on laptops that would violate negatively battery life), but the best solution is to wait until August and buy a motherboard based on free review of the Intel 8 Series “Lynx Point”.

Link: Haswell has USB 3.0 issues with 14 out of 22 tested USB drives (Hardware.Info)


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