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The Walt Disney Company buys Lucasfilm for USD $ 4,050 million

The Walt Disney Company buys Lucasfilm for USD $ 4,050 million

In a story that very few expected and has taken us by surprise, The Walt Company has confirmed through a press release that it has reached an agreement that it becomes Ltd, all for the exorbitant sum of USD $ 4,050 million to be paid in shares and of course, cash.

Who will profit? It does not take a genius to guess: George Lucas, founder, president and owner of 100% of Lucasfilm, who will be with about USD $ 2,000 million in cash and half in shares of Disney, which will reach nearly 40 million .

According to Lucas himself has stated the intention of the transaction, “for me, it’s time to deliver to a new generation of filmmakers. I always believe that Star Wars could live beyond me and thought it was important to arrange the transition while you are alive. “

This is a before and after in what this successful film franchise, which now held by Disney will have at least three sequels. So, three sequels, the first of which planificándose for release by 2015, under the name of Star Wars Episode VII.

Addition of new films, Lucasfilm acquisition will allow Disney to exploit the Star Wars universe through other means, such as television, interactive Internet media, theme parks, shows and live performances and products such as toys, as well as Disney has done in the past with his other films.

Link: Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4 Billion (Business Insider)

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