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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Internet |

The Wi-Fi will become less efficient

The Wi-Fi will become less efficient

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According to a study by the (Netherlands), is reaching its technological limits. Today the efficiency of such networks can be reduced up to 20%.

The main reason: saturation. More and more devices that offer Wi-Fi as an alternative to connect to the Internet: Laptops, smart phones, tablets, e-books … and are increasingly being used more. The end result is that the environments are saturated and more time is spent on managing the data traffic on the same data traffic.

Specifically, when the following two circumstances, various devices running at once and multiple wireless networks active control mechanisms consume more bandwidth.

And the speed with which it is increasing the use of Wi-Fi in the future will decrease even more efficiency.

Proposed solution: Create a new standard for Wi-Fi. The technology is now being used has changed little since its introduction in the early 80′s, while its increasing use is extended. So manufacturers will have to investigate ways to improve when there is saturation.

For sure it will begin to consider solutions soon because we have all clear is that mobile Internet use is growing larger.

Link: The Wi-Fi is going beyond its own boundaries (Trend 21)

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