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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Software |

The Windows Store also gets a redesign in Windows 8.1 # bldwin

The Windows Store also gets a redesign in Windows 8.1 # bldwin

Another of the novelties introduced by from those discussed in the first look at Windows 8.1 , is a significant redesign its app store.

Changes and improvements are not only aesthetic, but also in terms of performance and flexibility. The new design makes it easier to search, find, and list applications, all running on the new Bing engine . The general navigation is simplified, mainly for those who sell their applications there. Which are more visible-and therefore, they can earn more money-is paramount.

Also featured will be a tab for “related applications”, and other applications that only show Microsoft Game Studios. It will also be cross-purchase apps from Windows 8 to Xbox or Windows Phone ecosystem.

As we know, applications are updated automatically, can be purchased in the form of gifts to give to others, and have Gift Cards available. During the presentation, people from Microsoft are instructed to repeat and repeat that developers and their wallets should be the most benefited with this.

Finally, Markerbot Replicator 2 will also be sold in the Windows Store .

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