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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Companies, Hardware, Software |

The WWDC will come full of surprises, is not it?

The WWDC will come full of surprises, is not it?

San Francisco. 11 to 15 June. has given us several reasons to eat nails because of anxiety: A date and opening dates released with some ruthless advance have turned the Web into comments – all speculative – about what lies next big event on the block . Now we have a “when” and “where”, the “what” our own expense, at least until the day comes and we know what we actually expected. So the rumor is welcome: Here is a collection of what we expect from Apple next week.

To your health, Steve

This is the first that lacks the charisma of Steve Jobs, who died in October 2011. Who last year showed us a preview of the fourth version of IOS this year will not be at the event or at least not physically. his legacy will you do that, predictably, the appointment is full of references to the creative genius of the rule of Cupertino, which would be waiting for an event full of emotion, despite the usual coldness of the technological world. The initial presentation in Keynote, of course, would be headed by Tim Cook.

Apps & Geeks

One thing for certain is that we will see a lot of applications, some of which give much to talk about and, rarely during the rest of the year, we will know the vision of its creators and analysis experts have their eyes placed in to occur in San Francisco. We may find also a new face disclosure among software developers for IOS and Mac How about a generation of leaders in the world of the nerds? The truth is that with integrated apps for potential new hardware presented in this event could even remotely hope to see the new Apple flagship development: Do we go to WWDC with Siri dethroned?

In addition, the event would have about 100 training workshops geared toward developers by categories: essential services, applications, developer tools, games and audio-visual technologies, Safari and Web and specific workshops for IOS and IOS X.

Mobile Ideas

This year Apple would further strengthen the mobile sector which, after all, was what drew him from its level a completely sectarian and aspirational pop. Thus we may see a bite of what would be the sixth version of its mobile operating system, ie a hypothetical iOS 6. Although such events is usually displayed only a preview, rumors abound on the Internet on a somewhat more substantial presentation that could lead to an upgrade in a short time.

With elbows on the table

Apple’s concern would be far from purely mobile. One option is to present the OS X Mountain Lion announced in February for release in summer this year. Remember that this is the operating system for Mac desktops, thereby increasing the rumors about the presentation of some new hardware that comes to playing ground for all that so far it still has a little of the old segmentation Apple Mountain Lion was to drive those who are not currently a Mac but you know, for example, the benefits of the iPhone, they decide to change (and have the money to do it, ha!).

New computers

One of the strongest rumors circulating on the Internet. It speaks strongly for new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, renovations that could be more upgrades to new releases: Apple could go for better functionality for video calls, lighter and more compact equipment and who knows whether any foray into art screens. Everything, of course, based on Intel Ivy Bridge to mark again the differences with previous models is so fond of communicating to the Cupertino: 50% more than this, 2 times more than that and so.

Shut up, Jonathan Ive

Reviews come and go long with respect to the iTV. There is more evidence that allows us to believe with blind faith that we will see next week, but there is an excessively loud noise, one that certainly brings stones … Or a great big rock? Jonathan Ive said recently that the project he is currently working is the most pleased he has felt throughout his career and with this many people, because he wants to, he assumed that it is an iTV.

Will we see anything?

Yes, yes, yes … another iPhone

Without doubt the most recurrent and therefore boring rumor about Apple, the eternal suspicion of a new launch. It is as if we could ever get an iPhone in peace always be waiting and eager for another. As ever the same and the idea is not to be heavy enough to point out that there is already talk of the fifth house, with a thinner battery and even a super nice cover. Although the most discussed, if we remember, some time ago there was talk Apple for alleged statement that if there is a new iPhone should arrive in October. We’ll see …

The size does matter … Now?

Another idea that turns is that Apple may have finally agreed to change the sizes of some of his devices: following the death of Steve Jobs, however cruel it may seem, no one says that the iPhone can not get bigger. Likewise, the could realize the rumored “iPad Mini”. If so, it would be a large conference or small things, as their slogan says: “Where great ideas are going to do great things.”

Not be bought or sold

Apple will introduce these things. Or some of these things. Or any of them. The important thing is that we have been asked to reserve the day to surprise and quite possibly will. But not everything is about stuff. An event like the WWDC has around a host of values that are not counted in money. Next week will also be the time to know if Apple will insist with the business strategies that has continued until now or Spanish make her shop in square meters leading impact on the way they conduct their finances.

It will be time to know, too, if Apple really feel the things that happen at Foxconn, if the patent war will cease, or if some day seem no longer news that Siri sincere work as reflecting the activity of Internet users in cyberspace and can say without complex than most would give leadership to other hands.

Will be days filled with information that will make us grow up some rumors and discard others … Or perhaps just leave it for later.

Will be days of a Trending Topic that many tweeters, perhaps most, do not understand. Days of bloggers. And trolls.

But above all, the WWDC is when you really, whether or not Apple fans, feel the absence of many years ago joined a pileup that would eventually become one of the most valuable technological empires of the world.

What do you expect for this WWDC?

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