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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Science |

There are 23 nuclear plants vulnerable to tsunamis

There are 23 nuclear plants vulnerable to tsunamis

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According to a study published in the journal 74 reactors in 23 nuclear plants are in “potential danger” in case of Tsunami, since they are located near areas where these phenomena can be generated. The current study indicates that all 74 reactors are active, some are under construction and others are off.

The areas considered most at risk to suffer waves are: north west coast of the Americas, the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, the north coast of Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

The good news is that apparently Latin America does not have to worry about losing a reactor before a tsunami, but the bad news is that as long as rising production technology that consume electricity, be it HDTV, Smartphone, refrigerators, etc.., Nuclear plants construction will continue to meet energy demand or worse, continue burning coal to generate electricity.

Link: 23 Nuclear Plants Vulnerable to Tsunami (Clean Technica)

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