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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Entertainment |

These are sites where you can watch the London Olympics 2012

These are sites where you can watch the London Olympics 2012

Not for lack of money, is our tireless commitment to keep you informed with the most relevant news, and is precisely why we give you some tips to not miss a detail of the Olympics, an event that will break brands not only sports, but technology.

To not miss anything in this sporting event worth having on hand the following:

  • The official Facebook page of the event, where you will receive important news, fun facts and hard data for all aspects of the games also have relevant pictures and videos.
  • The official Twitter account is @London2012 there will be more hard data than anything else, but also links of general interest. If you spend much time on this social network safe before anyone else you’ll learn many results.
  • We suggest you have your favorites among the official site of the games . The portal will be more than anything for the highlights of the most important events, also helps you to find very specific information, as might be the medal list of participating countries of athletes by specialty, etc..
  • Another site we recommend is to follow the BBC UK Why? You ask. The reason is simple, the BBC will give wider coverage to the sporting event, unlike other methods that focus primarily on the participants of their nations.

Applications for Smartphones

There are two official applications for mobile devices , one called London 2012 Results, as its name suggests, is the application where you can see absolutely all markers, in theory, updated after each competition.

The second application is called Join In London 2012. This particular application is very attractive if you’re gonna be there and it helps you organize your day in a surprising way. You can check the sporting routes, maps of stadiums (with seating), gives the town maps with points of interest, event results, integration with foursquare and even augmented reality work in strategic locations the city.

A third official application rather is a game , so that we leave it entirely to your discretion. If you do not want these options, you can find other apps pleasant or at low cost. By the way, I almost forgot, official applications are available for IOS, Android and Blackberry.

If you’re the lucky ones to be in London, we recommend that you also download an application for the weather. Yes, almost all include a smartphone, but it never hurts to have a second choice. Doodle Weather or The Weather Channel are good choices, remember that there is random weather and treacherous.

Latest data (which surely had much pending): Pets (illustrated at the beginning of the article) are called Wenlock and Mandeville, both pets are drops of steel from steel in Bolton, Wenlock is named after the village of Much Wenlock and Mandeville Stock Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire located.

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