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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Entertainment |

These are the countries and cities where most pirated Game of Thrones

These are the countries and cities where most pirated Game of Thrones

is on track to become one of the largest series downloaded from the network during the 2012, if he continues with the rhythm that carried far more than 25 million since it opened its second season in April. The success of the series is complete, but due to restrictions on with their distribution is almost impossible to keep up with the events of the Lannister and Stark.

And therefore, the most valid option for many people is to shop around for the pirate bay and go, nothing can be simpler. Moreover, knowing that in Australia the series airs a week late, so many Australians embrace the torrent option and that makes them the most downloaded country where the series.

Download Game of Thrones by countries and cities
# Country % City %
1 Australia 10.1% London 3.0%
2 U.S. 9.7% Sydney 3.0%
3 Canada 7.7% Melbourne 2.9%
4 United Kingdom 7.6% Amsterdam 2.2%
5 Holland 4.4% Athens 2.2%
6 Norway 3.7% Perth 1.8%
7 Spain 3.1% Istanbul 1.6%
8 Poland 3.0% Brisbane 1.5%
9 Greece 2.8% Budapest 1.3%
10 Philippines 2.7% Madrid 1.3%

United States, Canada and the United Kingdom immediately follow in the rankings, because in these countries the only solution is to subscribe to HBO to watch the show legally, whatever the method chosen.

Anyway, none of this seems to bother the executives of HBO, which according to Torrent Freak, still prefer to have the exclusivity to reduce piracy. At such a declaration of intent, the only thing left to do is download for those interested in the series, and buy the DVD or Blu-ray when they go on sale. There is no other.

Link: Who’s Pirating Game of Thrones, And Why? (Torrent Freak)

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