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Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Hardware |

These are the means that are performing tests on 4K

These are the means that are performing tests on 4K

Since I watch (3840 × 2160) can be difficult , we decided to find what experiments exist today and perhaps in the future become massively. From that year opened CES 2013 in Las Vegas technology, we have been hearing a lot about this resolution. These are some channels that are testing, or have referred to how they will address the 4K onwards.


  • Eutelsat: The French company Eutelsat started issuing a grill recorded in 4K format , in January this year, working with ATEME for compression system using MPEG-4 to 40 Mbps in four Quad HD. Clearly, not all the content has been recorded under these standards, but they have different buttons sample to test this new type of transmission.
  • Canal +: The channel transmission opted for a recording of 5 minutes daily in this format . Alfredo Remacha, technical director of the channel, said that a reasonable time for the launch of the first commercial offer should be two or three years or, in other words, when it is technically feasible for the industry.
  • Tricolor TV: The Russian platform Tricolor TV has also embarked on a series of tests to content distribution in Ultra HD, which is 14-minute production conducted by Russia Travel Guid.
  • Globe: In Latin America, the Brazilian operator Globe has been one of the forerunners in the 4K test during the last Carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.
  • NHK: Of course, Japan is already many steps away from all nations and technology, as well as being made ​​in 4K streaming content currently through NTT West, an issue raised regularly get 4K in a channel, for 2014 through NHK operator , coinciding with the World Cup, midyear.


  • ESPN: The also is conducting tests 4K technology, but its executive vice president, Chuck Pagano, declares not convinced that this development is accepted by consumers . In an interview with Multichannel News, Pagano explains that it is too early to place a position on the issue and also not sure that consumers are able to notal the difference between 1080p and 4K. This, because his team has studied the two types of images on a screen of 55 inches and the difference appears to be minimal. Although this restraint regarding the implementation of new technology, also has to do with the failure of the transmission of 3D content, as we tell you a few weeks ago .
  • HBO: The channel that hosts Game of Thrones has a look not convinced. “I am very skeptical about the idea that consumers will want to buy it,” said Bob Zitter , CTO chain in TV Connect conference last March. This idea arises that 4K technology can be seen on a screen at least 60 inches diagonally. Something that most of the audience can not access or even price, for space in the living rooms.

As electronics companies, operators and television stations are moving towards technology sparingly 4K, perhaps because the implementation of 3D in the home does not go as well as originally thought . At least they are testing, but the truth is that if you want a mass of “Ultra HD” is needed investment from broadcasters and reduce costs, in the case of technology companies.

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