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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Software |

These are the new Windows 8 RTM

These are the new Windows 8 RTM

made available today worldwide Windows 8 RTM – that is, the final version goes on sale in October – so that those interested can try it before it goes on sale. This is the Enterprise Edition, you can download and install for free for 90 days.

What brings interesting and how it differs from what we saw in the Preview Release version ? In addition to greater stability in the system, there are some new features. Not many, but we were testing, and these are the major changes.

Use tutorial

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 2

The first time you run Windows, it displays a tutorial on how to use the system. This is a pretty handy addition, considering that is not working like its predecessors. The tutorial is quite fast and basically shows where are the menus.

Not more Aero

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 3

Introduced with Aero Transparency in Windows Vista was removed from the windows, giving way to solid colors. This change was made to give more consistency to Windows 8 colors with the “modern” style tile that is in the new beginning.

Internet Explorer 10 improved

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 4

Internet Explorer 10 is much faster, both in its “Metro” and in its Desktop version. The browser integrates Bing search bar where you enter the URL, and the results are shown in pictures of a good size to choose them with your fingers if you are using a tablet.

Bing Application

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 5

Added a new application for Bing, who delivers the results in the form of rectangular tiles, with the idea of easing the pressure with your fingers to access each of the results. Bing still works the same way, so that the results will probably be more useful if you’re in the U.S.

Twitter and Facebook Contacts

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 6

The application “Contacts” (People) now also shows how people contact you on Twitter and Facebook, if you decide to synchronize these accounts in your Windows. It may be a little funny if you go to Lady Gaga, because they may appear in your contacts in this application. There is a section called “What’s New” (what’s new), which also displays the latest updates from your friends in their social networks.

New version of the app store

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 7

There are already some applications for sale. Store apps run on Windows 8 RT (version for tablets with ARM processor) and Windows 8 Pro (for PCs with more power). In the shop are also classic games like Solitaire and Minesweeper, who now have achievements and synchronized with your Xbox account, if you have one. And now you can use the search system menu to search within the store.

More design options

These are the new Windows 8 RTM image 8

Added new images to the screen, plus the ability to “stamp” the background color where are the “tiles”. These prints have different designs, and give a little more personality to the team.


  • Includes ISO file reader, adding the ability to mount the system directly.
  • New Windows Sounds
  • The widgets that were in Windows 7 (to see the weather for example) no longer exist

There are big changes are not radical about what we have seen in Preview Release, however, help to make the system look and perform more consistently in itself. Most of the work was ready in the previous version, and this version makes sure that users do not have to deal with bugs and other problems when they acquire from 26 October.

Link: Microsoft offers free Windows 8 RTM for 90 days (technewspedia)

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