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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Gadgets |

These braces also function as an MP3 player

These braces also function as an MP3 player

Could it be that in future the customs of the rappers on decorations may vary slightly. And it is common to see many rappers using (or brackets) so simply aesthetic, but who knows there is some major implication for the metal mouth, that can play MP3.

is a project of Aisen Chacin , who simply uses part of the skull of the person as a transmitter of vibration caused by the music. It is installed under the paladra and similarly to the braces, and thanks to the facial bones and a person can listen to music like an player, but without having to wear earplugs. What seems most difficult of all, though, is to use the player controls his tongue, as these are below the palate.

Chacin says these braces music represents “a perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement in the music world” (such as retainers used by rappers), and turn it into a player and bred, as the case of the Play-A- Grill. Now, it becomes more than just a functional concept, depend largely on their final presentation, which is far-yet-to be as optimal as braces and striking gold, bling bling, and the like.

Although it is not difficult to imagine a Soulja Boy Chamillionaire or entering any red carpet with his mouth open and play your own songs.

These braces also function as an MP3 player image 2

Link: Rappers get teeth bling That sings (One Per Cent)

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