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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Gadgets |

These glasses will help control sleep your dreams

These glasses will help control sleep your dreams

Remee was a successful project Kickstarter. The developers offered a product as sleeping including hardware (processor Atmega168 and LEDs) that helps the user to be a lucid dreamer.

A lucid dreamer is one who is aware he is dreaming the dream and thus becomes a playground of the mind and desires of the dreamer. Perfect condition to fantasize about anything.

Remee achieved its goal and is now in production. These glasses up teconlogía to recognize when the user is asleep (his REM-rapid eye movement -), that is when the are lit internally, which emit a very slight awake but not strong enough to pass the eyelids and create anomalies visual in your dreams, apparently enough to make you realize that you are asleep.

I have had this experience (without the aid of Remee) several times, the first was a failure because when I realized I was asleep woke up a little later. At some point I realized that if I remained active in (still clear), the experience lasted much longer (at least in time of sleep) so this issue has me llamdo attention for years.

So I think that this gadget is interesting for people who have had experiences like me (to be many). One type of shortcut to get to that state you can also get naturally but is more complicated.

Link: Control your Remee Dreaming with REM (ExtremeTech)

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