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Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in Internet |

These were the numbers of YouTube during the Olympic Games

These were the numbers of YouTube during the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games were last seen on the internet more than traditional television , as we recently reporteado. And in the webcast, a major player was the video site YouTube, which has just released some interesting numbers on the maximum event.

In 64 countries including Africa and Asia nations plus the United States, there were 231 million transmissions (streams), of which 72 million came from the official channel of the on YouTube. Never before have live online broadcasts had been so well, all thanks to a video quality that seven times on say it is due to “low buffers and high rates of frames per second.”

Within the United States, and because of the partnership with, 37% of transmission-half of them in high definition, is made through the NBC applications for mobile phones and other devices. Overall, in the great north country had 159 million streams.

Finally, the marked peak of 500,000 simultaneous transmissions transmissions, which very well could be considered an Olympic record. From YouTube emphasize that priority was to deliver a transfer of excellence, and are grateful for the response from the public, registered in the impressive numbers of coverage.

Link: How the Olympics played out on YouTube (official YouTube Blog)

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