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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Science |

They buy the ‘Charter of God’ of Einstein by eBay for U.S. $ 3,000,100

They buy the 'Charter of God' of Einstein by eBay for U.S. $ 3,000,100

Shortly before his death in 1954, physicist wrote a letter to the Jewish philosopher Eric Gutkind who played themes related to religion, tribalism and, not less, the fact that he did not believe in God:

“The word is for me only the expression and product of human weakness. The Bible a number of honorable but primitive legends which are children anyway. No other interpretation however subtle could change my point of view, “Einstein said in his letter.

This letter, known colloquially as the ‘Charter of God’ and had been bought in London in 2008 for U.S. $ 404,000, was auctioned on eBay , and in just a couple of hours, bought by an anonymous U.S. $ 3,000,100 .

The importance of this letter is that during the last decades have been reinterpreted German physicist beliefs with the idea that he was a believer, arguing that once said “God does not play dice” (although, and talking about quantum physics, actually said : “You believe in a God who plays dice, and I believe in a comprehensive law and order in a world that exists objectively”).

Link: Einstein’s “I do not believe in God” letter has sold on eBay – and you’re not going to believe the price (io9)

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