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They claim to know why one is more fat in the photos

They claim to know why one is more fat in the photos

(C) John Cornicello

A TED talk by Duncan Davidson , photographer of the organization, argued that the reason that ‘anyone’ likes his picture (especially of the certificates or identity documents) is because who else knows you is yourself, for So you see a picture of you is like being faced with a bad copy which fall within the Uncanny Valley .

In response to the theory of Davidson, John Cornicello , professional photographer from Seattle, USA, said that, under the premise that the perspective in makes an objective look thinner while closer to the camera and the external image that everyone has known himself to be the mirror every day-we all have a mental image of ourselves somewhat thinner than reality, so when removed a photograph at a normal distance is not that a wider look, but one looks like it is.

To demonstrate Cornicello took a series of photos (always with the same lens) to a dummy, but at a distance ranging between 45 and 150 centimeters. After trimming the edges of images more distant and increase their size so that the dummy has similar dimensions to the closest pictures we see clearly the increase in the width of the taken from farther away, or at a distance greater than which normally one is the mirror.

Link: Why the Camera Adds 10 Pounds: Seeing Ourselves In Pictures (PetaPixel)

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