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Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Gadgets |

They create “magic finger” to touch any surface become

Research Investigators, alongside people from the universities of and Alberta, have developed an interesting device called Magic Finger (magic finger), looking like a small ring that fits your finger tip, providing the ability to control from outside to other devices (smartphones, etc), as if you were playing touch screen.

Arguably a touch panel remote, or perhaps a modern version of the mouse. Can be used on any surface and has two chambers, one type of micro RGB to detect what kind are surface, while the other is captured by the movement. That the Finger textures can then detect opens a range of possibilities for application, the smartphone may react differently depending on knock on a wooden table or a pair of jeans.

Currently, the device is still under development, and for the moment, is capable of detecting 32 different textures with a 98.8% accuracy, so you have to wait to see if he can become a commercial product in the short or medium term.

Link: Autodesk Magic Finger turns surfaces into touchscreens (Electronista)

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