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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Companies |

They filter the manual to be a “genius” of Apple

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The Stores have a group of dedicated people to behave as a technical service in case you have a problem with one of your devices already purchased, or if you have questions about a product. These subjects are called “geniuses”, and as expected, receive training before starting work at the store, with a mission to leave customers happy, and hopefully this happiness will last long enough to want to return to buy a company’s product.

What is in the manual? An important part of the information is technical product, but a psychological training and how to interact with customers. The Manual emphasizes that the “geniuses” should be empathetic and persuade customers. A sample conversation was as follows:

Customer: This Mac is very expensive.
Genie: I can see you’re upset. I also felt that the price was a little high, but I found that real value is all integrated and software capabilities

As you can see in the answer, the is passed to the customer site (also felt that the price was high) and “understand” their problem. Also use the word feel, making the price seems somewhat subjective and not a fact that “is” very expensive.

They are also asked to geniuses not say the team “froze”, “hung” or “fell”, instead it should prefer terms like “unexpectedly quits”, “no answer” or “stops responding” . Nor should say there is a “bug” or a “problem”, instead we must say “condition”, “subject” or “situation”.

It’s nothing really serious or revolutionary, and most of all in Gizmodo joke that the manual would serve as a textbook in the course of “how human” Robot University, due to the amount of fictional dialogues that come in document.

At least serves to understand why all geniuses seem to speak well.

Link: How to be a Genius: This is Apple’s secret employee training manual (Gizmodo)

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