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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Science |

They find a new “super-Earth” that could harbor life

(C) J. Pinfield, University of Hertfordshire.

An international team of astronomers found three orbiting the star HD 40307, 44 light years away, with the news that one of these is in the ‘Goldilocks’, the area around a star where a can support life because its temperature is accurate so you can have liquid water.

“HD 40307 is a very quiet old dwarf star, so there is no reason that this planet can not alebrgar a climate similar to Earth,” said Guillem Anglada-Escude of the University of Goettingen , one of the team leaders Scientists with Mikko Tuomi of University of Hertfordshire .

The planet, dubbed HD 40307g, has a mass at least seven times that of Earth, but also orbits HD 40307 at a distance similar to that of our planet, which would mean that also receives a similar amount of energy solar.

While they have discovered more than 800 exoplanets since the early ’90s, very few orbiting at a distance where they may have life, and it is rarer still to find a planet HD 40307g, which rotates around its axis creating Similar times a day and night (usually exoplanets as the moon rotates about us, always giving the same face).

Link: New Habitable Zone Super-Earth Found in Exosolar System (Science Daily)

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