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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Entertainment |

They manage to create discs of “vinyl” using 3D printer (and they sound really)

The 3D printers will undoubtedly be an important issue in the coming year 2013, thanks to its versatility to create tangible objects from digital templates, which has drawn the attention of the press and the general public. Now another interesting use for this technology has been demonstrated by an amateur user who managed print discs “vinyl” to put on a record player … and they sound really.

Amanda explains Ghassaei responsible for this project, the quality of the product is still far from being compared to any other physical or digital format, as their creations sound like a recording frequency of 11kHz and a resolution of 6 bits, which is quite low considering that an audio CD runs at 44.1kHz and 16 bits. Anyway, we talk about something that is newly developed and has been done by one person with a relatively modest 3D printer, who gives us instructions to do so ourselves (if we have the right equipment), along with some videos to demonstrate that it is indeed true, where Nirvana songs sound, and Radiohead, among several others.

Link: 3D Printed Record (Instructables via The Verge )

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