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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Internet |

They plan to fine British are suspected (not convicted) of digital piracy

They plan to fine British are suspected (not convicted) of digital piracy

In the was a proposal to Parliament seeking fining with GBP $ 20 (USD $31) who is suspected of having smuggled digital material illegally, as part of their plans to strengthen the Digital Economy Act or digital economy.

If approved, this regulation could take effect in 2014 and affected persons have 20 working days to appeal the decision, I imagine that any court or body designated for this and must pay the fine imposed by the government you are guilty or not .

Obviously, consumer advocates have come to protest against this proposal because as the law says (that) one is innocent until proven otherwise.

The ISP (Internet service providers) you should send the suspect a letter that tells you is committing an illegal act, which can be up to the or share files protected by copyright.

It is intended that internet providers are more involved in this barbaric, applying sanctions to those suspected of committing piracy, these penalties could be your bandwidth limiting, or suspending their accounts. Fortunately for reaching these ends requires other laws currently not well provided for a trial period of one year of this proposal.

Although for some, the sum of GBP $20 is insignificant, for others it is quite high, especially for low-income families have to pay to appeal to what is perhaps an unfair accusation.

Imagine for a moment that I have a Blu Ray new, let’s say the last of Sherlock Holmes, the law prohibits me from making illegal copies to sell but I can make a copy for my personal use because, as I am a collector so I do not want the original disc scratching ever. But also travel a lot, so I decide to have a digital file on my computer and I can think of sending it to my girlfriend because later we will see the movie at home on your Xbox will not play Blu Ray. If I send it to my girlfriend on the internet, the government can accuse me of breaking the law and would pay to go to prove they are a clumsy and never broke the law.

For the sake of human rights and internet rights hopefully not approve such an absurd proposal also ISPs Do what? They are not required to be nanny government.

Link: Internet piracy appeal fee Challenged by Consumer Focus (BBC UK)

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