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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

They propose to remove support for 32-bit CPUs in Linux

They propose to remove support for 32-bit CPUs in Linux

One mad proposal was a collaborator in the recently held mailing list for developers, suggesting that in the work being done around the kernel, remove support for x86-32 or 32-bit, getting to Along with Microsoft and it would be a company’s alleged decision to launch only for 64-bits, 32-bits abandoning definitely.

The arguments for that summarizes that programmers are losing time providing support for their creations in 32 bits, being that 99% of users will be in a couple of years to move to 64-bit operating systems, be it a long time ago that most central processors support 64-bit consumer, so that there would be problems of adoption.

The tentative date for Windows 9 is 2015, a time which will certainly further for 64-bit running around, despite this, a very important feature of Linux is to provide compatibility with older hardware, so the proposal was flatly rejected for the rest of the community that developed around the of an idea that just might revive in about 10 years to be considered, if.

Link: Linux Kernel: “Drop Support For x86-32″ (Phoronix)

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