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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Internet |

They recommend using “wasap” and “wasapear” to WhatsApp in Spanish

There are applications and services that reach the level where they are widely used verb, as with google to search the Internet or tweet to put something on Twitter. The Fundéu BBVA , nonprofit organization that tries to “promote the proper use of in media” and recommended wasapear now use wasap for actions related to the application.

This should be considered an honor to the creators of the application, reaching officially have a translation in another language. According to Fundéu, wasap (‘free message sent by instant messaging application WhatsApp’) and its derivative verb wasapear (‘exchange messages by WhatsApp’) are appropriate adaptations to Spanish.

In the same way, the plural of is “wasaps” and alternatively you can write “guasap” or “guasapear” although “are preferred forms with w”, the organization said. Anyway, using the original name of the application (ie, WhatsApp) is always right.

Link: one wasap and wasapear, appropriate adaptations to Spanish (Fundeu BBVA)

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