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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Science |

They say that could identify drunk in public with thermal cameras

They say that could identify drunk in public with thermal cameras

Scientists at the University of Patras in Greece presented a scientific publication where they say that through cameras and their images analysis can objectively determine whether a person has ingested an excessive amount of alcohol based solely upon acquiring different temperatures over the face.

Because causes dilation of blood vessels in the skin surface, these changes can be detected and classified by an infrared camera (similar technology to that used to identify infected with certain viruses such as SARS )

Based on the team explained that they designed two algorithms to determine the state of intoxication of a person. One is to measure the heat of the pixels at specific points on a person’s face, which then compared to a database that has a record of the temperature differences between people sober and drunk.

The second algorithm is to recognize, in the face, nose and forehead of a person, and considering that the nose of a tends to be warmer than its front, the program measures temperature differences and contrasts.

The two techniques working in parallel can be used to quickly identify individuals in a state of intemperance in any public space, and the idea is to give scientists a tool for authorities that are not based only on appearance or behavior to take the drunk a person.

Link: Algorithm-driven thermal imaging scan for Could drunks in public (Wired UK)

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