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They say that Einstein described in letters Schrodinger dark energy in 1920

They say that Einstein described in letters Schrodinger dark energy in 1920

In 1917 published his text “Cosmological Considerations on the General Theory of Relativity”, in which he used for the first time the concept of the cosmological constant , a scientist proposed amending its Einstein field equations , thus allowing the idea the existence of a static universe (as the German physicist liked the idea of a universe without growth and Edwin Hubble discovered yet that the universe is expanding).

Soon, fellow Austrian Erwin Schrodinger (of the Schrodinger cat ) sent a letter offered a mathematical solution to its field equations with cosmological constant. Einstein’s answer was a brief comment about the solution of Schrodinger allowed the constant change, leading to a “no observable negative density in interstellar space”, and wonder about how this might vary across space-time .

This detailed description of the properties of the unknown – as published on Dr. Alex Harvey of the University of New York, would be the first time someone describes the dark energy , unknown form of energy that would explain why the universe expands even faster rather than slow, as it was estimated up before 1998 (no doubt a discovery worth a Nobel prize ).

Although later rejected the idea of the cosmological constant, calling it “the biggest mistake of my life ‘- as Harvey, the exchange of letters between Schrodinger and Einstein between 1918 and 1921 describe the main problem is to modern cosmologists puzzling about what it would be dark energy. In other words, the worst mistake of Einstein was to label one of his ideas with great potential as the worst mistake of his life.

Unfortunately, Schrodinger and Einstein continued deeper into the subject, because according to the German physicist “the path taken by Herr Schrodinger does not seem plausible because it leads to a greater number of hypotheses” precisely the problem current theories about energy dark, which lead to more questions.

Link: Einstein Discovered Dark Energy, Says Historian of Science (Technology Review)

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