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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Software |

Thieves hack hotel electronic locks to open doors

Thieves hack hotel electronic locks to open doors

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A number of in the state of Texas in the United States were robbed by thugs who did not need discrete gates or threaten to wrestle guns: Just hacked electronic locks.

As reported by Forbes , in September the Dell technology consultant, Janet Wolf, returned to his room at the Hyatt in Houston and found that his laptop was gone. The administration launched an investigation which concluded that the thief agreed exploiting a vulnerability in the electronic lock, created by the company Onity.

The vulnerability was disclosed at the Black Hat conference this year by Cody Broscious Mozilla researcher, when it said the problem was present in about 4 million locks. Operates to insert the plug of a device manufactured especially in the slot door to access the digital key and activate the mechanism to open.

The investigation of the robbery at the Hyatt emerged at about the same time that the insurance company Petra Pacific alerted to various hotels in Texas were robbed using the same technique. The hotels involved were not identified.

After the robbery, the Hyatt implemented changes in locks to prevent recur, however, it is possible that such thefts happen again. According to Forbes, the only way to fix the problem is to replace the circuit board with all vulnerable locks, Onity cost that the company would not be willing to cover. Perhaps we must return to traditional braces.

Link: Security Flaw Exploited In Common Keycard Locks Hotel Room In String Of Break-Ins (Forbes)

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