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This is inside the bag of Steve Wozniak

This is inside the bag of Steve Wozniak

Wozniak, co-founder, is a fan of the technology beyond their work, entering the category of being a geek and bred. And not only because he helped create one of the companies related to computer more popular today, but also because they live under a lifestyle very, very particular.

Proof of that is the exploration was done from inside your purse or backpack, which brings with it great when you travel to another country and has perhaps too many technological devices. The list is long, and are detailed below:


  • Belkin Dual USB Charger.
  • Another dual USB charger for his wife Janet.
  • Battery charger for a camera Canon.
  • Firewire Cable, USB cables.
  • Verizon MiFi 3G adapter.
  • Physical keyboard for iPhone.
  • External Battery for phone.
  • A Airport Express.
  • 85W charger for MacBook Pro


  • Four iPhones 4S, two of them and two of his wife.
  • A MacBook Pro
  • Two iPad.
  • Two MiFi 3G devices.
  • Two MiFi 4G.
  • A DROID Motorola RAZR.
  • Two phones Galaxy Nexus.
  • Two Garmin GPS.
  • Kindle digital book reader.
  • A dock Mophie.
  • Two iPod Nano.
  • Two clocks Mutewatch.

To this is added a pair of binoculars, a Bluetooth mouse, a GameBoy, power adapters, headphones, pens, many cards of all kinds and eye drops, which we assume are used to fix the issue after so many hours in front of a screen.

Link: The Amazing Contents of Steve Wozniak’s Travel Backpack (Gizmodo)

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