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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Internet |

This is the face of the female voice of Avast antivirus

This is the face of the female voice of Avast antivirus

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Called Joanna Rubio, a Spanish speaker, daughter of Argentina. If these data do not tell you anything, perhaps more familiar you know that its work is to be the voice of antivirus, virtual assistant that sensual tells us “The virus database has been updated”, or that burns eardrums when we are listening to music with headphones.

The girl is Avast broadcaster and music producer , and even record the tone for the was another of the millions of presenters working in the world of advertising.

“Suddenly I saw that my website had 10,000 visits and did not know where they came from. I got invitations or proposals for work in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Nicaragua “Joanna account as if it were a showbiz celebrity.

If we get by the way he achieved fame, could say it’s a classic Hollywood story without doubts. During a morning of work and a phrase recorded in his own studio for the modest sum of 200 Euros, finished his work with the company Avast to be the voice of the wizard warns us that our computers are protected another day.

Suddenly, thanks to the viral and spontaneity of social networks began to appear some fan sites “Avast’s voice”, which made a horde of fans began to seek information Joanna even finding some songs interpreted by this warm voice.

This warmth is also generated if a myth about the girl who announced the update of our antivirus was having an orgasm in the middle of speech, to what Joanna said: “My voice sounds like, air, I can not help it. For the good and the bad. I know it’s a sultry voice and even some have rejected me for sounding phrases too sexy “, something that the male audience will surely stand applauding while waving their keyboards and look forward to an update over this sexy virtual assistant.

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