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This is what is required to see 4K content

This is what is required to see 4K content

While channels such as BBC and ESPN decided to cancel their 3D broadcasts, some have begun to look to the or as the next technology to consider. ESPN has already announced that he would be interested in making this decision emissions for Brazil 2014 , in what remains the question of how we, as viewers, we could see these transmissions.

We review what exists today in the market for 4K – four times higher resolution than the standard HD – and then we tell you what is the least you need to enjoy the experience. There are some gadgets that are in prototype stage, while others are already available on the market.

The TV

This is what is required to see 4K content image 2

First, you need a capable of reproducing images of this quality. has a 84-inch LCD with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, 3D Cinema System and Smart TV service, with a price of U.S. $ 20,000. Other options are the same size screen Sony , to $ 25,000. The manufacturer claims that if located 1.6 meters away, the user will see natural images and not pixels.

There is also an alternative to 85-inch that has a rather unique design that includes a stand, and that is labeled with the highest price, reaching USD $ 35,000. is the only one who has introduced a smaller team in a “tablet” 20 inch we reviewed recently . However, the team remains in prototype stage, so you still can not buy.

We conclude that first required a fairly large room to put a flat this size, and even before that, a significant amount of money to buy it.

4K Player

This is what is required to see 4K content image 3

Although some are testing media content delivery in 4K, these are very few around the world. One possibility is to have a Blu-Ray player up to four layers. The rumor is that the PS4, release date forecast for the fourth quarter of 2013, will have the support needed to play these media files (though not games at that resolution).

These days also announced a standalone player, called FMP-X14K HD Media Player, $ 600. This is a team that will integrate a hard drive 2 TB, which includes 10 films from the factory pre-recorded 4K. Later, you can get other content from Video Unlimited 4K Network, a system that offers this high-resolution media, from U.S. $ 8 to rent and the $ 30 purchase.

TV channels

This is what is required to see 4K content image 4

The first 4K TV channel began operating in January . Eutelsat 4K is a satellite channel, but is intended primarily for testing. Streaming content in this resolution requires a lot of bandwidth and ensures that the satellite signal is the best existing platform at this time for this format, compared to terrestrial signals, it may have difficulty transmission.

At Mobile World Congress was the first transmission via digital terrestrial television 4K , however still no real channels transmitting in this resolution.

By the time the 4K still somewhat far from being a viable alternative, among other things due to the high price of equipment they reproduce, but also by the lack of content in this format. The interesting thing is that many companies are interested in developing it, so that in the near future could be closer.

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