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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Entertainment |

This minesweeper is true comes on postcards

This minesweeper is true comes on postcards

The famous (Minesweeper) as classic Microsoft operating systems takes a new dimension to and these postcards with mines that can be searched without the possibility of restarting.

The cards come in two types, the easier it has only 80 tables, and difficult version with 120 pictures. In addition, they also include some type flags stickers, pumps, smiling faces and so on. And how do you play? Just scrape a coin or other object tables, with the possibility of finding a bomb in the first attempt and no option to restart, and in its virtual counterpart.

Each card costs $ 2 and of course, the opposite side of where the mines can be written and let the respective greeting. Surely those nostalgic for the older versions of Windows does not displease them get one of these little cards.

Link: Scratch-Off Minesweeper Postcard: Wish You Were Stressed (Technabob)

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