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Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Hardware Articles |

Things you need to know when buying a PC for Video Games

This need to know when buying a PC: Video Games

THQ Insider – Flickr (CC)

People who buy a computer to play … well, actually wants to do more things than just play, why not opt for a console? Although nowadays it’s cheaper to buy an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 just to play, a high-cost promises to serve several years not only fulfilling the task of entertainment, but also display high-definition graphics and who knows what else. You know, all other things that consoles can not do. It is a complicated issue to understand, but thankfully CHW is for those things.

A PC or Console?

Let’s see. If someone wants to just play, it’s cheaper to get a console, however at this stage it’s the worst decision to make. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are in their last period, and will not last beyond 2014, if they are replaced by the new generation of consoles. However, the price of which is a fraction of what you can get done with a PC to play.

On the other hand, a well-armed PC assures you at least 4 years of operation without being seriously obsolete for a new standard. In addition, today almost any mid-range graphics card far exceeds what it a console can offer in graphical terms. Obviously, price is much higher, but boasts all the functionality and advantages with a PC. Both platforms beyond their primary task are as comparable as a Boeing 787 and a LADA Samara.

Assuming you want to play in addition to other things, PC gaming is a good choice. Also opting for this type of equipment makes you a member of the club “GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RACE”, and gives you exclusive right to tell the other players “Dirty console peasants.” Here is a picture of the situation:

This need to know when buying a PC: Video Games image 2

Back …

The main hardware that influences video is the video card, no other components can drive more performance than this. Second, the processor, since as explained in our article on Bottlenecks must be able to provide sufficient data. Third is the – having plenty of levels allows loading faster as there are fewer processes “fighting” for a place to store your data.

If you plan to play three-screen configuration, especially high definition, definitely you should go for video cards ranking high. Nothing can display millions of polygons on three screens simultaneously, it will be much less when it is only a video card alone. Many will be something like “forced” to have a SLI or CrossfireX, i.e, two or more VGAs working together on the same motherboard, bringing a lot of the graphics processing power.

With the above, we have more or less the profile of our team:


  • He can play next generation titles in high quality.
  • With great potential to sustain the configuration by several years.
  • A good screen to play decently.
  • That can endure quite in time.

With that in mind, it is difficult to put together a team for games. The hard part is picking the right pieces that are suited to what we want, and try to squeeze the money in areas that do are worth it.

A powerful video card

Today there are many options on the USD $200, which should be the price range of “appropriate” for a video card with medium or long life. Models of “middle range” usually appear from this price, and generally have a good value-for-performance but begins to lose itself in the most powerful models or top-of-line.

Also have to look that usually there are jewels in the meantime set. Some cards promise something like 30% performance increase compared to another model, with only a 10% difference in price. Others come overclocked from the factory – so do not do anymore overclocking. It’s a good idea to ask at CHW what video card is best for you for X amount of money. Perhaps this video card XXL Edition Reloaded 9990 $ 500 not worth it if you plan to play on a screen of 1440 x 960, perhaps an option near the $ 250 is closer to reality.

This need to know when buying a PC: Video Games image 3

Obviously, do not tick a model without asking, let alone the guiding be only through numbers. Not because I have more video memory walk faster – a LADA with more gasoline does not go faster than an Audi – or because it has the larger box will have more.

A good processor

As explained before, the idea is to avoid a bottleneck. Well in theory, any of medium-high range video card can support high performance, and allows a moderate overclock for those models with unlocked multiplier.

Some say, that is where most of the budget should focus, given the following reason: it is more likely to change the video card to the processor in future. It would be absolutely true if it were the case that our video card was not a big investment, so in other words means that they fall short in performance in some quarters later. But still, better processor means better performance in games, but the money goes further invested in a video card component.

It is advisable to always try to buy a processor with great overclock potential, since it will be a long-term change, probably when there is another socket and the models are on the verge of being discontinued. Increase performance at the time, by investing in good refrigeration is the best optional cost.

Lots of RAM

Here’s a moot point: speed versus size. The issue is more difficult than you might think, therefore clarifying a point here about what should be the priority when choosing a RAM for a team of entertainment.

We must focus on speed larger than what we have with a processor with unlocked multiplier. Otherwise, the better a higher speed when we have this. The reason is very simple.

This need to know when buying a PC: Video Games image 4

Heather Greene – Flickr (CC)

If we have a good processor with unlocked multiplier, we need not increase the “base frequency of the system”, which also affects the performance of RAM. If this does not support high frequencies, as happens in the larger models but cheaper, then we can not squeeze the most out of our major investment.

The priority should always be RAM, this allows the load to be the optimal level and somewhat faster. Especially if you have several programs in the background – that’s why you bought more memory, right?.

The monitor

Are we going to play blindfolded? No, therefore a decent is one of the important things – not as much as the video card – when playing. You have to look at some points when it comes to LCD monitors, including the price.

First the resolution. There is good shooting 1080p screens direct to your eyes, an ideal resolution to play movies as well – or have a cinematic experience. However, you should not consider any mid-range card which cannot display as many pixels when a is configured with graphics like “Total Realism”. Others you will have to opt for screen resolutions common in mid-range, such as 1366 X 768, 1440 X 900 and 1680 X 1050. They are not bad, but of course, the monitor does not last “4 years” and nothing more.

Regarding speed, the human eye can not perceive significant differences in response to times greater than 5ms ( according to Wikipedia ), so that should be the standard when it comes to finding a decent monitor to play. If you see a 2ms monitor, note well that this is the speed gray-to-gray (GTG).

Another important point is the Input Lag, the time it takes the monitor to take the signal processing, and display it. It is the only down side of this equipment, for no monitor reports it correctly, you could leave with a bad gaming experience. In theory those PC monitors do not suffer much from this evil. Ideally search the Internet for the model you have in mind.

The rest is based on your maximum budget and tastes. There are people who like to immerse yourself in games with stereoscopy, but others find it a great grace. Others will agree with a 120Hz monitor the flow, the rest straight opt for larger screens and so on. It is a matter of taste and of course money.

In summary

Bottom line: Video Card
Consider: Good processor, lots of RAM, Monitor.
Cost: Settings relatively decent demand medium-high prices (USD $1000)

Obviously, the more budget you have available, much better, especially if you have to have to buy a monitor. Some more adventurous will want to give a shot to this phone connecting feature of television to save inconvenience.

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