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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Gadgets |

This queue reads minds and moves according to your mood

This queue reads minds and moves according to your mood

In the process of becoming a human-cat hybrid, and have made some progress, as controlled cat ears mind . Submitted over a year ago in Japan, these ears now have a complement: A tail that reacts to your thoughts.

The tail, called “Shippo” includes a brainwave reader sensor to be placed on the head and you can hide under a cap (so you do not see the wires). According to the specifications, the tail can recognize two moods: relaxed and focused. When you are relaxed, the tail moves “softly and slowly”, and if you concentrate moves “hard and fast”.

In addition to moving from one place to another, this queue feature with “emotional tagging”. As you can read your brainwaves, the system will determine your mood and through an application, register it with your smartphone. You can then share this information with your friends on Twitter or Facebook and add your location to let everyone know where you were when you moved the tail (?).

Shippo is still in prototype stage, but it could become reality whereas ears were relatively successful in the audience otaku.

Link: Mind-controlled robot lets you tail wag When happy (CNET)

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