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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Hardware News |

This robot learns from your moves to defeat in hockey table

This robot learns from your moves to defeat in hockey table

Computers have been playing games against humans almost since they were invented, but very few were scheduled to while playing, as was the case of soccer goalkeeper who faced craks as Lionel Messi earlier this year .

A robot player, designed by Japanese researchers Namiki Laboratory, Chiba University, could do just that, the robot managed to be able to adapt to the individual style of each player.

The robot itself is quite simple. It consists of a table hockey table, a four-axis robot arm, two high-speed cameras, and external PC.

The cameras are monitoring the speed and position of the blade of the opponent relative to the puck at a high speed of 500 frames per second.

These data are interpreted by the PC in real time, which compares with benchmarks, so that the robot can determine if your opponent is playing offensively or defensively, and react accordingly.

“The robot should be offensive when the opponent is attacking, and play defensively when the opponent plays defensively,” the researchers wrote in an article.

This means that, by reading the strategies of their opponents, the robot is able to bind to the human player to adapt and change his game to achieve to beat, which is a challenge.

Do you think that with a little practice, you could defeat this robot, you will constantly accommodate your game the way you play?

Here the video to give you an idea.

Link: Air hockey bot learns your moves (


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