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Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Entertainment |

This was the first version of Boba Fett costume

This was the first version of Boba Fett costume

is one of the most iconic characters of the saga, from its appearance as a villain in The Empire Strikes Back in the distant 1980. And in this new video recently appeared on YouTube, you can see as was the presentation of the first version of the character and his particular suit.

In the video, the sound designer Ben Burtt on camera makes a journey through some of the features, such as the system that gives the effect “radial” to the voice of the actor inside the suit, or the different weapons and structures included. Knives in the feet, dart throwers along the suit, and even pockets to hold tools Boba Fett. The jetpack is activated from the right forearm, and Star Wars towel as a cape was finally removed.

Burtt explains that Lucas and his people “wanted a character that could appear in public”, so Boba Fett designed with that in mind and thinking also some interesting developments for the second movie. The dress you see in the video was the first version, a kind of blank was developed to become what we know everyone.

A must for fans of Star Wars.

Link: Star Wars on YouTube (via The Verge )

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