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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Internet |

Thom Yorke withdraws Spotify catalog alleging “unfair compensation”

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Thom Yorke, the man in charge of the voice in Radiohead, seems totally at odds with the business model imposed by and so just announced the withdrawal of his other musical projects of service.

Specifically, the measure has to do with his solo album “The Eraser” and the album “Amok” band Atoms for Peace, which is also a vocalist. In this regard, Yorke wrote via Twitter that all this is about defending the and what they consider fair compensation from Spotify, which seems to not be enough considering the exposure you can have.

Nigel Godrich , Radiohead’s producer and co-Yorke Atoms for Peace, shares similar views: for him, this system is not entirely fair for new artists and small labels. But no one dares to speak or jump ship for fear of “losing all the exhibition” which means to be present in Spotify and similes.

Godrich believes that Spotify is good when you’re a major label and have a lot of catalog, but the business model does not serve to create new music. “Some discs can be recorded on a laptop, but for others they need skilled technicians and musicians,” argues the producer. As example shows the case of Pink Floyd, whose catalog has generated millions of dollars but all that money has gone to their creators. And “if people had listened to Spotify instead of buying vinyls in 73, had not been made The Dark Side of the Moon”, he concludes.

How do you defend Spotify? In statement to TechCrunch, from the service say they have paid more than 500 million dollars involved, and by the end of 2014 that number will reach 1,000 million dollars. Although, of course, much of that money goes to big labels and bands that by now are almost megacorporations.


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