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Thus was conceived the hack to icloud that ended with the data from a journalist

Thus was conceived the hack to icloud that ended with the data from a journalist

Wired journalist, Mat Honan, was attacked by hackers over the weekend, who accessed your icloud account and deleted all its data remotely all your Apple devices . The reporter investigated what happened and wrote a comprehensive article in Wired , describing how it came hacking and how armed chaos in your digital life.

Honan does a mea culpa for not having supported the information I had on their computers – including photos of his daughter and documents. But the most interesting and disturbing story is how the attackers got their data, taking advantage of lax policies of and Apple.

“The support gave the hackers access to my account in icloud. The Amazon support gave them the ability to see information – a partial credit card – that Apple used to provide access to the account. In short, the four digits that Amazon considers that there are important enough and clearly displayed on the website are exactly the same as Apple considered safe enough for verification of identity. This disconnect exposes flaws in the management of policies endemic to the entire technology industry, and points to a nightmare as we enter the era of computing and connected devices, “wrote Honan.

To get those four numbers, the hackers went to Amazon. The online shopping service has a phone system to associate new credit card account. To do this use the name of the account, an e-mail and associated billing address.

The addresses are obtained with a whois search for his personal domain. However, this information would be fairly simple to find on other services.

Hackers associated with a false credit card account Honan through the phone call. A while later, they called back saying they had lost access to the account. They gave Amazon the name, address and the new number of false credit card account associated with the previous call, and obtained access to your Amazon account. With this access, you can see all the credit card associated with your account – not the full numbers, but only the last four. Those same numbers are what Apple calls to verify the identity of a person.

Apparently the reporter is not the only one affected, and claims that others have been attacked in the same way. Once you have access to icloud, were able to access Twitter accounts and Google, in addition to removing all content remotely from iPhone, iPhone and MacBook Pro

When Honan realized something was wrong, disconnected the router and modem, shut down your Mac Mini, and called Apple technical support by telephone from her mistress. Apple revealed that someone had called regarding your account one and a half before. Honan found out that because these hackers after it reported.

Along with other reporters from Wired, tried to replicate the method used by hackers and were successful, indicating that up to Monday this system was still valid in the U.S.

The matter becomes relevant if we consider that everything is on its way to the cloud. That “no more we connect to the Internet” is becoming less likely to operate. Apple wants all customers to use icloud. Google bases all of its operating system – Chrome OS – in the cloud, Windows 8 is also fully integrated with the Internet and reach millions after its launch in October.

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