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Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Hardware News |

Tianhe-2 crown as the world’s most powerful supercomputer

Tianhe-2 crown as the world's most powerful supercomputer

At three years of the launch of Tianhe-1 , the Chinese government launched its successor: Tianhe-2, which is crowned as the world’s most powerful supercomputer!

The supercomputer (also known as Milkyway-2) has been developed by the National University Chinese, and its specifications are:

  • 16000 dual-socket nodes.
  • 32000 Ivy Bridge microprocessors.
  • 48000 Intel Xeon parallel accelerators “Knights Corner”.
  • 1.4 petabytes of DDR3 ECC DRAM.
  • Hybrid Transport interconnection Optoelectronics Technology.
  • 12.3 petabytes of storage.

The supercomputer was tested with 14336 of his 16000 (at 89.6% of capacity) and still achieved an almost (exactly 30.65 petaflops) on the Linpack benchmark, which ran for five hours.

It is expected that Tianhe-2 is complete just in time for the publication of the new Top 500 this June 17.

Link: Çin Tianhe-2 bu süperbilgisayarı 500 listesinde zirveye Yilin oynayacak ilk (Donanim Haber)


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